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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wine bottles turned flower vases

All right my wine loving friends! I have a fun and easy craft for you. 

All you need is a wine bottle some spray paint and some embellishments of your choice. 

The first thing you will need to do is to remove the label on the wine bottle. I did this using WD40. I used hot soapy water to remove the grease left behind from the WD40.  

Next spray paint your bottle. This will take a few coats along with some creativity it you’d like to paint the bottom. I did not want spray paint all over my hands so I hammered a nail into a piece of wood I had laying around and flipped the bottle over onto that. (The nail prevented the bottle from smashing into the ground.)

Let the paint dry completely before adding the next layer and be sure to hold the can away from the item while spraying. This will prevent run marks. ( I obviously did not take my own advise.)

When you are done spraying the bottle, embellish them however you’d like. I chose to leave mine plain however I toyed with the idea of stenciling words onto them along with wrapping some twine or burlap around each bottle. 

These would look great anywhere. Image a cute little entry way table or a table with snacks on for a party! CUTE! 

I have a sweet treat for the next post! Stay tuned! 


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