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Friday, August 31, 2012

Big Bag O' Recipes

This adventure started last summer. My mom traveled to Missouri with my grandmother to help get everything settled after her Aunt passed away. While cleaning out her home they came across a massive amount of recipes, some hand written, some magazine articles, but mostly there were newspaper clippings.  I don’t read the paper often and do not ever remember seeing recipes, let alone recipes from Sue in Small Town USA, so I thought the newspaper recipes were pretty cool.

My mother and I are both picky eaters so after sorting through them this is what we had left.  

My mom got first pick of course, so this collection is mine.

I found so many interesting recipes in the pile! Have you ever heard of daffodil cake? No? Me either. I cannot wait to bake my way through this stack and organize them into my cookbook and maybe even portfolio.  I am hoping to do two a month as a series.  I just need a catchy title some extra time and some extra money.

I’ll be back soon with the first segment of the series. If you have a catchy name leave it in the comments below! 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Baking for a cure

Hey guys! It is probably no secret that I love to bake. I mean I love to bake; I could do it all day everyday and not get tired of it. I am also as my mom says 5’1” and 5” of heart.  I am constantly finding new ways to help out those in need. This year I have combined my passions into one and raised a ton of money. 

Every October I participate in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.  In the past I have just spread the news by word of mouth, sent some cookies to work with my dad, and saved my own pennies to reach my fundraising goals. This year I set my goal very high, so I knew I would have to work hard to raise the money.

I created a Facebook event, which has helped get the word out tremendously.  I set a few goals for my fundraising.  For example: if someone donated $30.00 I will wear pink everyday in October and if I reach my goal of $500 I will dye my hair pink for the race. I also told everyone that I would bake in exchange for donations. This has method has become an absolute hit! I have been so busy baking this past week that I had to volunteer my family, fiancĂ© and good friend to help me keep up with all the orders!

Another thing I did this year was put out a basket of cookies and a donation jar at a local restaurant. I left it up to the customers to decide a fair price for the cookies. The first batch brought in $70 in just three days!

Here are some pictures of my fiancĂ© and I baking and the packaging for the cookies. 

Trying to make double batches of everything but not over powering the mixer is a challenge. 
Trying to melt semi-sweet chocolate for triple chocolate cookies.
Scooping snickerdoodle dough. Yes, that is chocolate on my arm. 
My sous chef helping me out. ;)

I added a shameless blog plug to the packaging. 

Almost ready to raise some money.
All set! 

I'll update you all just after the race. Next week I'll have a serious for you and maybe a give away.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Happy Birthday Julia Child!

I just want to take a minute to wish one of my idols, and sources of inspiration a Happy Birthday. So, Happy 100th Birthday Julia Child, although you are not here to celebrate with those who adore you, food bloggers and lovers around the world are celebrating your birthday.

When I realized what today was it was too late. I didn’t have enough time to bake anything in Julia’s honor. However had I had time I would have made something delicious and chocolate. Perhaps a simple chocolate cake or better yet a Chocolate Bavarian cream pie. A project I hope to complete in the future.

Her infectious laugh and no-frill approach to cooking is what makes Julia so loving. Not to mention she is obviously a GREAT chef and legendary woman. I hope that someday someone will refer to my cooking as decadent and delicious.

In true Julia fashion……

Bon Appetite


Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to make your cricut mat sticky again....

About a year ago I was in desperate need of a new cricut mat but did not want to spend money on a new one. I started researching and found that I could use the same cricut mat repeatedly if I bought Aleene's tack-it over and over glue, a sponge brush and a small jar.  The steps area really easy and this hardly takes and time at all.

Gather your supplies.
Mix equal parts of glue and water. 

 Brush the mixture over the whole mat.

Let the mat dry over night. 

When the mat is dry pat your hands over the entire mat, if you don't the mat will be to sticky!!

Make sure to seal the jar tight so you can use the left over mixture next time. Also rinse the brush really well. I hope this was helpful! Spoil yourself with the money you saved. :D