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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Dinner is served!

This months dinner was supposed to be Julia Child's Beouff Bourginion. As I attempted this recipe my kitchen became Improvise Central.  
After trying to write about my cooking attempt. I have decided that although I may have used her recipe from "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" I definitely did not follow her directions.  Since I know nothing about cooking and I didn't exactly follow the recipe, I am having a very hard time explaining what to do. 

Below are pictures I took during my attempt. I have added captions so you can kind of figure out what I was doing. 
Ingredients minus the mushrooms and sub bacon for a bacon rind

chop the bacon

the veggies too

This is where my dog Zoey likes to lay. I was using the stove, the counter to the right of the stove and the center island. Needless to say she was in the way. 

Brown the beef.

cook the veggies.

cook for a long time. 

use a bigger pot, and one that can go on the stove.

My version of a sieve set.

We had to eat this the next night for dinner because it took so long to cook!

Apparently I have learned a lot this month because I've said I learned a lot in all of my posts this month. 

Well here is what this post taught me.
1: Read the ENTIRE recipe before staring. 
2: Make sure you have all of the necessary gadgets before starting
3: Make sure you have enough time. 
4: If it doesn't turn out you can always order pizza. 
5: Make sure you understand the recipe. 

I took so long to make dinner that we had to eat it the next night. It was delicious though! I am definitely  going to stick to easier recipes for now. At least I can cross one thing off my bucket list. 

Bon Appetit!



  1. It was a wonderful meal. Great job Court!

  2. I love your #4 haha. That's my issue with trying to cook is I usually don't have the weird odd random ingredients, the cooking gadgets or I just don't understand what they hell they are saying to do! But this looks delish! Good job love!

  3. dude courtney! i dont know if you remember me but it's daniel lee! i worked at Disney ODV for a little while. well either way this blog is soo cool! what a great discovery, i hope everything is going great. ill definitely recommending this to some friends who love to bake.
    anyway, hope youre doing good with jordan and disney. best wishes!!

    ps: i hope you havent stopped with the coasters and scrapbooking !! =)