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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spray Painted Flats!

Hey guys a few months ago I bought an awesome cream colored dress. I really wanted to accessorize them with red. I searched high and low for the perfect red flats and failed. So I purchased some extremely comfy black flats for $11.00 and a can of red spray paint and went to work. 

I guess that this technically isn't spray paint it is floral spray. 
It worked well enough though! 

Stuff some news paper inside of your flats and tape off any portion that you may not want painted. 

Hold the can several inches away form the shoes and spray lightly. Let each coat dry COMPLETELY before applying the next coat. Reapeat until you get the look you want. 

Let dry for a few day (just incase). 

Then ROCK your new shoes!!! 

A few tips, I would use an older pair of flats some that are well worn. I feel like my shoes lost a lot of flexibility after I sprayed them. I would also use a canvas like material. 

I'd love to see pictures if anyone tries this!!! 


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