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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Wahoo! Its time to launch my new blog plan!

Here is what this month will entail.

Baking with apples- muffins, strudel, and pie. YUM!

Sewing- for my first attempt I will make a pencil bag. (we'll see how it comes out o_O)

Cookie of the month- macaroons.

Dinner- Julia Child's boeuf bourguignon.

Some of you maybe wondering where I find my recipes and patterns. I scour the internet, cookbooks, pattern books and blogs. I will post links to all of the websites I get my info from!

Of course any other crafts I do I will document and post as well!

I really hope this works out because I am really excited about it!

I feel like this post is naked with out a picture......

How about one of my crazy dogs? 

Zoey is the little one and Bear is the big one. :D


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