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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Cute little magnets!!

Hey everyone! 
I recently came across some of those thin, advertisement type magnets and wanted to do something creative with them. 
So, I borrowed the Create a Critter Cricut Cartridge from a friend and went to town. 

If you want to try this on your own here is what you will need: 

Not pictured: the magnet, and the paper of your choice. 

First: Figure out how large you want your magnet to be. I used a scratch piece of paper to figure out how large of an image I could cut on my magnet. (I cut out the image, and placed it on top of the magnet to see if it would fit properly.)

Second: cut all of the pieces out at the same height. I set my size to 3 inches. 
I also used my Cricut to cut out the image on the magnet. 


Third: Glue all the itty-bitty pieces together. I had to mess around with the fox's tail stripes to get them to line up properly. 


 Fourth: Glue your critter to his magnet; it should line up just right. 

 I got into a fight with my Cricut mat, so this little guy lost some of his magnet, but he still sticks to the fridge!!! 

This can be done with any image, that can be cut using the Cricut machine. Think about the possibilities.....flat seasonal magnets (easy to store), alphabet magnets, themed magnets for a party....okay I better stop before I get out of control.