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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Homemade Drink Coasters

Hey there! 
I am on a roll this month! 2 posts!!!!
On to the good stuff! 
Today I have handmade coasters for you guys! 
Here is what you'll need:
A 12X12 sheet of scrapbook paper, a paper cutter, mod podge, a sponge brush, and four 41/4 in X 41/4 in tiles, you will also need cork board. 
I found my tiles at Lowes for less than a quarter each. 

Next you will need to cut your paper down to 41/4 X 41/4. 
Then glue your paper to your tiles and brush the mod podge over the top of the paper. 
I actually found that it works best to secure the  paper to the tile with the mod podge. 

You will need about 3 layers of mod podge but let them dry completely before adding the next layer. 
Also run your brush in the same direction each time or you will end up with hash marks on your coaster. 
unless of course you want hash marks.

Next you will need to seal your coasters with an acrylic sealant so that the moisture from your cup does not disturb your design. 
I sprayed mine 3 times and let it dry for 12 hours each time. 
After all of the spraying, I cut down the cork board to 41/4X41/4. 
I then removed the backing (I bought the self adhesive kind.) and stuck the cork board to the tile. 
Almost finished!
Stack them up and tie them together with a bow or maybe a strip of paper that reads "Happy Birthday" 
(Or what ever the occasion maybe.)
Now you're done! 

I hope you enjoyed this, because I sure did! 



  1. I love that pattern! I need to find a good way to incorporate it into my house.

  2. Send me your adress and their yours! :D I made them but don't have anything to do with them.